When he was 17 his voice dropped to Basso Profundo, also known as Contrabass, and is considered the deepest possible vocal register.  He is just 19 now.

If you have seen the Nathan Evans'  Wellerman Shanty on Tik Tok, he appears on there.



I usually have scam emails telling me that I have come in to a lot of money.  This is a new one!! They obviously haven't any idea of female names in the UK.  I don't actually recall responding to any emails. 
My Dear.

Compliment of the day to you and all around you, thanks for your kind
response, it was so impressing to my expectation and I was very happy
to read your mail. I am ready to be yours, I believe in real love from
the heart, I need that special man in my life with a loving heart to
me, i believe that age is just a number but real love comes from the
heart which i am more interested in and your open minded heart to me.

I am Olivia Leon by name, a citizen of Australia but now on peace
keeping mission here in Libya, because of war that has been going on
here since the death of their late president, as the result of my
profession in serving the World United Nations as an Australian Army
officer. I grew up at Ballarat Orphanage home after i lost my both
parents in a fatal accident when i was only 5 years. I am 30 years
old, single and never married before. I attached my pictures to this
mail and I expect your own pictures when replying my mail.

I like table tennis, horse riding, going to cinema,jogging and golf as
my favorite sports, I listen to jazz and rock music. I am very
romantic and honest, hates lies, I think I am sensitive and kind to
people, my co-workers always says that I am good in protecting people.
i live to be spontaneous and i am usually good in trying my best in
any position i find myself. I am hard working in my job and always
enjoy it despite the fact that it doesn't give me so much time for my
personal life. I have peace in my heart and always pray for God to
give me the sweetest and best man in the whole universe as my life
partner, i need someone that will be fun to be with, caring and
passionate love and care, I am single but intend to get a loving man
by my side to settle down with.

Meanwhile, how is life generally with you over there? as for me life
goes on here good but only committed to my job. I will like to know
more about you, your likes, dislike and your life experience, please
you should also send me at least a picture while getting back to me.

Extend my greetings to your family and friends over there.

Olivia Leon.
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   live 1 - 2  pm  today Sun 18/4/21 Part 2 of my belated birthday show.


I have been getting new stuff for my Lodge and yesterday we went to look for a new bed.  I actually have a kingsize bed, but to make more room in a smaller bedroom, I am having an ordinary double.  I decided to have a remote controlled one and tried a few out.

Word of warning - don't let your grandchildren get hold of the remote as they ended up making me into a sandwich!!

I also tried out the Dreams matress picker, apparently that's what I look like when I'm in bed!




 Garden finished and  and ready for the groundworks to begin in May.


Although I have had both of my eyes done and can see, I need reading glasses.  I have to wait until the middle of May for my appointment to allow my eyes to fully settle.

I have bought a very large magnifying glass for reading.  This morning, I was reading while the sun shone through the window.  I smelled smoke and then I realised that I was burning a hole in my paper and it was just about to burst into flames.   Luckily it was only small and I put it straight out.




Well, I have just had the other eye done and I can see out of both after all this time.  I am still taking it in.


I took the kids and dogs to the park at the weekend.  As I was leaving a car came in to the car park with a young lad driving.  His friends came over and he was showing them his sound system.  I told him that I had a better one that that.  When I leased my car it had a BOSE sound system in it, wasted on me as I haven't had it very loud.

I started the car up and it was shaking when I turned it up full volume.  The looks on their faces was priceless.  They had to admit that mine was the best.  When I was ready to leave I said "do you know what the best thing about mine is?", "what", they said.  You'll get all the blame for the noise I just made!"




I had a lovely birthday with my family bubble, binge watched forgotten and had a really thoughtful present from my daughter!