My Autobiography in Music Part 1

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I first heard of this scam about  8 years ago, luckily the  recipient realised  it was a scam and wouldn't give it to the man who called to "collect" it 15 minutes after it was delivered.  

Unluckily, a friend was taken in it by it, this week. 

If ever you receive a very expensive parcel of technology, ie, I phone, I pad computer etc, that you have never ordered, from a company, you have never dealt with; a courier you have never had dealings with, especially an order you have you have never placed with anyone whatsoever with.  IT IS A SCAM.  Do not hand over the item when 15 minutes later when person arrives at your door to collect it as it had been wrongly addressed to you.   Tell them you have spoken to the sender. (even't if you haven't),  This usually happens at the weekend,so you won't always be able to verify the sender, if they are closed.  If someone turns up to collect the item, just tell tell them that you have been in touch with the sender who is sending a verified collector for the item later in the day.  They will not hang around if you refuse to give it to them.  

They are now more sophisticated. They are sending verified courier companies 15 minutes after you receive it,  so if a verified courier turns up to collect an item to be returned and you haven't been informed in a advance,they will not be sure what they have been send to collect unless you mention that you have received an item that has been "wrongly" delivered to your address and you suggest that this could be the item and you hand it over to them. 

The scammer takes 15 minutes to get the item collected, this is because the telephone number on the label is not your correct number, but a dead line.  You may notice this and and question it  Also if you do ring the sender and get through, they will ask you security questions and know that you and they have been scammed.  




  I get the fireworks every year when I go to Hemsby on holiday at the end of October  Kids loved the Catherine Wheel sausages, to the  Gruesome Burgers.  Thank you to the Grazing Guru for the lovely Halloween Grazing Boz.  The exploding brain from M & S was brilliant!!
















Some of you may know that I lost my lovely step father this year.  I had many funny stories to tell about him.


As he was hard of hearing, he would often answer your question with something completely different, after mishearing the question.  He had the ability to laugh at this and would have loved the following.


I came across this scene from The Fast Show and if he had had a job as a stuntman, this would have been him to the letter.




I recently  caught a bus and was impressed by the courtesy of the driver.  It reminded  me of Bob Newhart's sketch on bus driver training.


I have been living  with and caring for, my stepfather since last November.  We sadly lost him on July 22 at the age of 84.  It was a pleasure, not a chore to care for him and we all loved him very much.  His name was Carol which always caused  mistaken identity when I was with him.  


He was a legend in the village of Upper Upnor, where he had lived for over 50 years.  He was a "one off" and I doubt we will see the likes of him again.



Our loss is Heaven's gain.


He loved Mrs Browns Boys iust a much a I 

 did and wouldn't miss it, not even the repeats.  He would always ring me when it was going to be on, to let me know.


For a birthday present, I took him to the 02 to see the stage show and they announced that Rory was leaving the show and this was his last performance on stage.   It is well known that he cracks up with laughter during the show and I think these are two of my favourite scenes





Don't you just love it when you go on holiday and have to find a lock down vet!




So glad to be ableto get my hair done again by my lovely hairdresser again🥰