Well, I hope everyone had as best Christmas as they could under the circumstances.  Knowing that there would not be many families together thist year got me thinking of a Christmas a few years ago.  My friend's elderly parents always used to have a male and female cousin round for Christmas as they both lived alone.

His dad used to drive over and pick up his female cousin and his male cousin walked round as he lived in the next road.  It was also his dad's birthday.  I called round in the evening to give the birthday boy a card and present.

How long his female cousin stayed was dependent upon the start of the Christmas Day Specials of Eastenders and Coronation Street and she got itchy feet and he would have to drive her home.

I went in and sat down and his dad showed the male cousin to the door as he was ready to go home.  Unfortunately, the cousin fell into a bush in the garden and the birthday boy had to try and get him up - they are no spring chickens.  He thought it would be safer to walk the cousin home, but this gave the female cousin the vapours as the start of the soaps drew near.  

Eventually the cousins were both safely home and we sat down to celebrate his birthday.  At that point the phone rang.   It was his other son who lived in Suffolk.  His wife had fallen off the toilet and pulled the cistern off with her.  His dad had to try and help him to find the stopcock, to turn the water off as the water was gushing out all the time.  The water was eventually turned off and his dad and mum were going to travel the next day so he could fix the plumbing etc.

When he finally sat down, we got on with card opening.  The card I gave him said something like "on your special day, put your feet up and take it easy"!


 My neice made me laugh today, a friend had to go to the hospital as her relative had been taken there.  She had two little girls and my neice said she would stay overnight with them at their house.  After a while, they showed her a cupboard where a naughty elf was sitting.  Puzzled by this, she phoned her friend, as the little girls were expecting something to do with the elf!  

 Her friend explained that every morning the naughty elf  would have moved off somewhere and be naughty.  The girls, happy in the knowledge the elf would be up to no good that night, went to bed


My neice was not sure how naughty the elf could be, but she got some Cadbury Fingers and broke them up on the side and put the elf in the middle.  In the morning, one of the little girls was awake, but she couldn't see the elf on her own, her sister had to come to, so they waited for her to wake up.

They went in to the kitchen and my neice said "look what the naughty elf has done".  The little one burst into tears because the elf had broken the biscuits and she was inconsolable.  My neice told her to move the elf and she could get her biscuits.  The older sister said that couldn't be done because if you touched a naughty elf, it would lose its magical powers!




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