Well, I have been quite busy over the last few weeks, but hopefully can catch up a bit now.  


I went to see him at the Apple Store in London and what lovely person he was. We were given Apple I Pads to mix some music.   He helped me, not that it made any difference to my music mixing ability and it didn't help that only one of the earpphones was working (which he pointed out).

He was at school when one of his fellow pupils stabbed and killed Philip Lawrence their headmaster.  He would certainly have made him proud with the way he turned out.  


Was in the audience for the filming of the shows.   Paddy McGuiness is brilliant at holding it all together and the warm up man kept it going smoothly during the breaks.   






I went with my Georgous Nephew again to watch his partner in his orchestra.  It was a sell out and was lovely to go to just before Christmas.

They were joined by a choir this time and it was wonderful to  listen to them and the orchestra.

For the second half they were performing Beethoven's 9th Symphony (AKA Ode to Joy) and again the choir excelled themselves.  However, when they were joined by 2 sopranos,  a tenor and a baritone opera singers it rose to another level.  It was absolutely amazing.

The whole ensemble certainly deserved their prolonged standing ovation.  I am booked in for for the February performance.








Well, I got alovely surprise when my daughter was able to get me tickets to my little baby boy and little baby girl's Nativity plays. I was lucky enough never to miss my daughter's plays when she was little and it brought back so many memories.

Each child was involved in one way or another.  Little baby boy was an Inn Keeper "There's no more room"! and little baby girl was an angel, albeit missing her tinsel halo.

When my my daughter was an angel in her Nativity play, many years ago, she hid from view and the next year, for whatever reason, she was a Spanish Dancer, however, she was coming down with Chicken Pox, but I managed to get her through the show before she finally succumbed.

Today brought back memories of my lovely twin nephews who did an adaptation of "The Snowman" at their primary school.

One of them was Father Christmas and when they were all standing on the stage, Jingle Bell Rock and started up and my georgous nephew starting swinging and flinging his arms about, nearly taking out his classmate.

We still laugh about it until this day.  The video has been carefully preserved for safekeeping!   






This really is fun and once you get in to the idea of it, it makes more sense when you are trying to find the keys to locks.   This Escape Room has just opened in Strood.   No we didn't escape in time!



Well after my successful attempt to plumb in the washing albeit in a Bodge and Scarper sort of way, for the time being, the plumber came to plumb in my new sink and the washing machine.

Well it turned out the original plumbing was no use at all especially as it was designed in the style of Spaghetti Junction!  So instead of a quick cross over job, it became a major event.  As well as a major price.   It had to be done and the plumber did an absolutely fantastic job.

However, some ladies  (and men) will understand what a sacrifice I had to make to pay for it when I had to use my money reserved for a beauty treatment!!

TV's Golden Moments

Well now that I am fully fledged member of a TV audience providing company, I am getting to see some good programmes being made.

I am realising that there are others who are attending regularly and for much longer than me.

They are in the realms of trainspotters, aeroplane spotters, etc.  They know where the episodes were made who was in what.  They also knew the warm up people by their first names, or at least when they were telling me about them.

The man next to me had been attending since SMTV with Ant and Dec and he was a seasoned attender, whooping, cheering at the top of his voice and loudly clapping at everything.

Should I appear to be in any of the audience shots, you will see me turned towards the steps, trying avoid being knocked out!




Again, Paddy Mcguiness hosted this and if you could see all the out takes of what went wrong, it made for an hilarious evening.  








I try to see my little grandchildren at least once a week.

This week they had both been put in the Golden Book at school and were Superstars for a day.

Little Baby Boy had tried hard at school and also got his sums all right.

Little Baby Girl's friend had fallen over in the playground and hurt her hands.  She had taken her to the teacher and then gave her her gloves to wear on her sore hands.   Yep, I am filling up again.

When I arrived after picking their mum up from work, Little Baby Boy was being told off by his dad upstairs.  Little Baby Girl was chirping in to confirm what he had done.  She was sent downstairs as she wasn't helping matters.

She came and sat on my lap, delightng in revealing every detail that her brother was in truoble for.  "Your hair looks lovely Gran", she said and jumped off my lap, returning with her hairbrush and some beaded jewellery of her.   She put the bracelets on me and then brushed my hair.  "You look beautiful Gran", she said.  "Thank you" I replied.   Poor deluded child!

On their previous visit to me, we had visited a local yard which made concrete statues and happened upon the statue of David.  I told them who it was, but they were more interested in it for obvious reasons, as little children today usually are, having a little snigger.

They told me to take a photo of them to send to their Uncle Davewat, which I duly did!!

Their next visit will be in the Christmas holidays, so I have got to get busy on the Grotto for this year.






I  quite proud of myself.  I removed my old washing machine and plumbed in the new one at the existing points. 

I have also isolated the electric cooker and removedf it ready for the new one one.

Thank goodness for You Tube!



If you are a Prince fan, you shouldn't miss the exhibition at the 02.  It is also worth paying for a VIP ticket, as you will see items not on display in the main one.

A very kind gentleman saw me afterwards and gave me this picture as I just happened to be in it.  The guitar is a Taylor model which he played accoustically on the Musicology Tour.  As VIP's We had white gloves on just to touch it.  No holding allowed!





I had another wonderful time in London with my georgeous nephew.  We went to see his partner perform in the orchestra in the Barbican Church, and met his lovely family.

Yes, you can belieeeeeeve it!  I sat next to him and was remembering the funniest stories in the series, laughing while I was trying to get the story out (not while the orchestra was playing).  He is an absolute gentleman.

I complimented him on his VM moment, when his walking stick clattered down on the aisle, during a rather quiet part in Tchaikovsky's  Pizzicato Movement.





A THANK YOU LETTER (courtesy of Adam Elder) found in a box)


Well I have been very busy over the last few weeks, so hopefully I can catch up with my blog a bit more now.


I had a lovely day at my brother’s wedding and Miss Mercedes looked stunning with her bows and ribbons. Mr Aston Martin certainly took a shine to her!!




On Thursday, I spent some time in London with my georgous nephew as I was going to see the Witness for the Prosecution at the County Hall next to the London Eye. All I can say is that you should not miss an opportunity to go and see this production. It is unique. It doesn’t matter where you sit, you will be in the action.


Before that we went to look around the Tate Modern. We had great fun on the 3 seater swing and then had tea and cake in the restaurant overlooking the Thames.


Going to London is always easy for me as the commuter coach leaves at the bottom of my road and I get off at the Embankment, or Victoria Coach Station, depending on where I am going and I catch it back home again in the evening.