I have decided to incorporate Eastenders in to my weekly blog in the future.


KUSH AND DENISE must be very hungry as they keep trying to eat each other at every available opportunity now they have publicly declared their love. Sorry just found out it is Denise who is hungry.  

CARMEL has suddenly gone from Market Inspector to a VIP who is apparently privy to all planning applications to the council, which she has to take home and peruse.  She still has her trusty clipboard though for her Market Inspector duties.  It must be compulsory as TAMWAR also had one but we never heard of him perusing planning permission applications.  Obviously this fits in nicely with MAX gaining her confidence so he can be in the know when plans are put forward.  

STACEY and MARTIN, seem to have found the money each month to pay the rent after being penniless so much so, that they are having another baby, his banana sales must have doubled.

HONEY seems to have changed from a dizzy, likeable person, to a Mother Hen, giving wise advice to all and sundry and running the Minute Mart like a well oiled machine.  I don't recall her or Denise (now sacked), having such strict training as she is giving Derek.

I am well impressed with the speed at which any kind of contractual or legal obligations are sorted out within 24 hours.  Jay and Ben moved in as soon as the students who we never knew existed were evicted.  We find that Donna's   landlord didn't fix her boiler leaving her with no heating or hot water.  No notice given there, she ups and moves in with Ben and Jay, not seeing the month out ? lost deposit.   Not content with that, she talks Ben and Jay into letting ABBIE, the ex of both of them, rent out the last remaining room.  She has been living, probably rent free, with her Grandma Dot, so willl have to stump up a great wad of cash for her monthly rental (London prices).  


Now for the Carters.   Where do I start?  Well we all know the Vic went downhill after Linda left to look after her sick mother. We all know how it has descended into chaos with debts piling up.  The roof leaking due to the heavy rain they have been having continuouslyy and finally collapsing on top of Lady Di, luckily she was in her cage at the time.  The result of this as that it was discovered she was ill and it would cost £6000 in vet's fees to make her better.  

Well this evoked the selling of the building to a company which MAX is having dodgy dealings with, hence the friendliness with CARMEL.  Again, this was signed and sealed within 24 hours.  However, Mick had gone urgently to Bulgaria where Nancy, his globetrotting daughter had been injured, to be by her bedside. Somehow globe trotting and backpacking don't conjure up Bulgaria in my mind.  

Anyway MICK doesn't know about the deal done with his pub (Shirley forged his signature, by the way).  Did I mention that LINDA had asked SHARON to manage the bar but I think she must have forgot  about this when she sends a male friend WOODY, to manage it whilst MICK is in Bulgaria, and it is not long before WOODY seduces TINA CARTER who is a lesbian.  I only hope didn't borrow any condoms off Stephen who is sabotaging them with a pin so as to have a baby with Lauren to stop her getting her dream job. Are you keeping up?!!  

Lauren's new boss Clarke Kent/Superman aka Josh is getting very friendly with her.  Tears at bed time then.

He is actually played by Lee Ryan rom ex Boy Band, BLUE.  Well the air will be BLUE when Mick returns - you'd better "Adam and Eve" it!

As you can probably guess by now,  the Vic is filling up with Carters et al and is bursting at the seams.  The new owners send someone in to look at the accounts of their investment.   Well FI BROWNING sees what we the viewers see, the Vic is grossly overstaffed.  Perhaps she should look at the Minute Mart as well then! 

I am rather worried about the weight that Sharon seems to have put on. We are told that Phil is recouperating in Spain, but perhaps she has eaten him!

How much cleaning does the square need.  Michelle and the Community Pay Back team seem to spend all day on one spot and the next day too.  I can't recall it being knee deep in rubbish becore they arrived.

Since the launderette closed,I have noticed any new washing machine deliveries to the residents.  Dot was apparently taking in washing and ironing at her house just after it closed.  If she is still doing it, she is wonderwoman as she is looking after 3 little children as well at times.

CHARLIE, is back.  Well hopefully I will be able to understand his mumbling this time.  I don't hold out any hope though, as his first words to Jack "mumble mumble my son" set the scene for future conversations.