On You Tube, I came across the Eurovision Song Contest with the interval when Riverdance was performed for the first time.  I remember being transfixed and at the end it was just WOW.  It was absolutely brilliant and stole the whole show.  The rest is history, as they say.


I got to thinking about other things I had seen and I had the same reaction.  The next one was Torville and Dean skating to Bolero at the Sarejevo Olympics and I got up in the early hours to watch it.


Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent was another. 

Watching Adele's video singing Hello, her first song for a few years and could only be heard for the first time in that video.  For any younger people, this is how we heard music.  No preview and the song was only heard on the day it was released to the record shop.




So that I know where my keys etc are, I bought a little bag which and is also a purse and phone holder and I attached my car keys to it. When I went in to ASDA, I triggered the alarm on the way in and out.  I assumed it was my key fob.  I did the same going in to Morrison's,  On the way out it went off again.  I told the security guards it was my keys, as they had seen me trigger it on the way in.   One of them laughed and asked me why I had tagged myself.  I was a bit puzzled until he pointed to the security tag on the old pair of jeans I was wearing.  It hadn't been removed and I hadn't noticed it before.😮



   I actually tried to keep testing in the pub One after 10 pm  but gone thrown out on my ear!!!


I read this the other day, so looked on You Tube for any of her singing.  I came across this duet with Peter Andre.    The first clip sounded good and I was quite surprised, that was until I saw the same clip with auto tune turned off!


Spent the above weekend on the Isle of Wight.  The Union Gap UK were one of the bands.  As you know they are not the original group but the songs remain the same.  Gary Puckett wrote the songs witb original feeling for us under 16's (Young Girl) cover more in my autobiography on that and Lady Will Power, over 16's.  For some reason his voice meant every word.


I leased a new Nissan Juke so it would be easier to drive my late step father around it.  It was a a very good deal with an all singing and dancing top range model.


The other evening I was driving home in the dark when I saw flashing blue lights behind me and I pulled over to let them past.  I then realised that it was me they were after.  The policewoman asked me if I knew why they had stopped me.  I hadn't a clue!


She told me that I had no back lights.  I thought this was odd as it wasn't an old car.  The brake lights were OK.  I told her that I never touched the lights as everything came on automatically.  The young policeman kindly had a look and then turned them on.  


It transpired that I had turned the switch for some reason and turned it off from auto.


The lights are the first thing I check now!