I leased a new Nissan Juke so it would be easier to drive my late step father around it.  It was a a very good deal with an all singing and dancing top range model.


The other evening I was driving home in the dark when I saw flashing blue lights behind me and I pulled over to let them past.  I then realised that it was me they were after.  The policewoman asked me if I knew why they had stopped me.  I hadn't a clue!


She told me that I had no back lights.  I thought this was odd as it wasn't an old car.  The brake lights were OK.  I told her that I never touched the lights as everything came on automatically.  The young policeman kindly had a look and then turned them on.  


It transpired that I had turned the switch for some reason and turned it off from auto.


The lights are the first thing I check now!