20. Jun, 2015


Grizzly Tales of Gruesome Kids

My little baby boy had chicken pox this week when I looked after him.  He loves this programme and we watched back to back recordings of it and again the next day.  I am quite hooked now!


I listened to the tape of the woman who is Britain's worst nagger.  She could make a fortune as a dominatrix from men who want to be severely humiliated or dominated!

Princess Eugenie 

I thought the fashion  experts were being very  diplomatic when they described her £700 outfit as “eye catching!” 

Jet Washing Protection

After my last attempt with the jet washer, these rather stylish, red ankle wellies caught my eye, so I bought them to protect my feet!

Wrong Car   

I spent a while on Sunday trying to get my car unlocked outside B &Q.  Then the penny dropped.  I was at the wrong car which was identical to mine in make and colour.  Warning bells should have told me something was wrong when I noticed the immaculate condition of the interior!!!

Tea Bags 

Yuk.  Ran out of tea bags and found this little pot with some in.  WRONG!  A cup of bouquet garni with milk tastes foul!


I picked up a pair of small binoculars that were lying on top of some packets and went to hand them in to the staff.  I slunk away when she told me in front of the checkout queue that they were selling them and people leave goods everywhere that they don’t want!

 I certainly think my brain went on holiday this week and didn't leave a note!