13. Jun, 2015


Driving out of the Tesco garage near the fire station Thursday evening with my stepfather,  we saw a woman  with her car parked over the road and a lorry on the same side but facing the wrong way, there was a lot of shouting at each other going on and she was yelling something about there being a child in the car.

The traffic stopped when a  man  from the other side of the road got out to help and a woman had stopped behind the woman.  Sensing that we were going to aid in a major incident, I pulled across the back of the woman in front to complete the road block and stop the lorry driver from escaping!

However, it transpired that this was the lorry driver’s  estranged wife and they were having a serious domestic row over their child who was in her car and he probably spotted her coming towards him when he was driving and he pulled across.

The lorry driver got back in to his cab and pulled off.

We then all drove off.   Emergency over.

I then dropped my stepfather off and when I left there was a young boy knocking on the window of the house next door he went away and a woman came and was banging on the window next door.  A bit worried that she was trying to raise the people who lived there, I offered to go back in to the house and attract their attention from the back garden.

"That's alright", the woman said, "she's coming now, I only want to borrow  a roll of tin foil.

I drove off.  Another emergency over!.