10. Jun, 2015


I read in the paper today about a pensioner who was watering his hanging baskets wrongly according to his neighbour, who subsequently flew in to a rage, punching the "offender" in the head and knocked him to the ground.

Watering plants plants properly can be a very emotive subject as I found out when my friends, who when they went on holiday, the next door neighbour did the watering for them.  One year, during a very hot spell, they came back to nearly dead baskets.  They were told by someone that he never came in to the garden to water them, but sprayed his hose quickly over their fence.  Not wanting to appear ungrateful or hurt his feelings, they asked a friend to water it instead when they went away the next year.

While she was watering, the neighbour asked what she was doing.  She told him her friend had asked her to water the garden while she was away.  He told her it was his job.  When my friends returned their neighbour of 30 years never spoke to them again.