21. May, 2015


What is it with cold callers?  I had one knock on my door and the first thing he said was that he wasn’t selling anything.  I told him no thank you.  But he said that he hadn’t told me what it was about  yet.  I told him again no thank you.  He started to walk away and called me a dickhead.  I couldn’t believe my ears and so I walked up my drive and shouted out “and you’re one too!”  Well that told him!!!

The phone ones seem to think that they are going to get round you when they ask how your day is going.  Fine until you called, I say as I put the phone down GENTLY!

I am afraid to say they have beaten me.  I never answer my phone now and it has a message instructing callers what do if they are genuine.  No more slipping over in the bathroom and falling down the stairs, or rushing in from the garden, or trying to get the front door unlocked for a complete waste of time.