16. May, 2015



I finally got to see Dr Hook at the Indigo Theatre at the O2 last night.  We had planned to go in March but Ray Sawyer broke his arm at the Chieveley Service Station and it was postponed.  I suppose it gave a new meaning to lying right here on the floor!  He was swinging the arm about wildy last night so I assumed it was on the mend even though it was in a sling.

Yet again, from a band that had so many good songs, we didn’t get a couple of his best ones, ie, If Not You and Liike the Movies,  as he said he wouldn’t have time to play them, but we got a couple of obscure ones and then  as is the norm, upon introducing members of his band, they all have to go in to some sort of solo to show how good they are at their instruments. His final number was “Sylvia’s Mother” which ended up in a sort self indulgent jam session.

I think we should learn when the title of their show does not include the words “Greatest Hits”.  

The North Grenwich Station used to be a cheap way of parking at the 02, but be warned, if you arrive after 7pm it is now charged at £25.00, not £11.00.  They obviously realised that there is a captive audience for the shows after the office workers have vacated the car park for the day.