15. May, 2015


Should you catch the first bus after 10 am,on a weekday morning,  you must be prepared to get on with the TWIRLIES.  These are the people with free bus passes which they can’t use before 10 am as it TOO EARLY (TWIRLY) get it and they will have to pay full fare.

I got on this bus today and the driver was quite taken aback at having to take money off me.  I thought this was rather strange, as he had to stop a bus going the other way to get me my fiver change,  but as we went on our journey, lots of people got on with passes they just held over the ticket machine.  I realised that not a penny was paid by anyone for the whole journey.  I am just glad no one else got on and offered the driver a £10 note.   

I think it is also called the TWIRLY Bus because, when they have shown their passes to the driver, they come twirling down the aisle when he sets off for his next stop.

Joking aside, Rochester to Chatham is a very good bus service and there is much more information at bus stops, and we will all be TWIRLIES one day!  

With regards to London Buses, they take no cash whatsoever.