8. May, 2015


Took my little baby girl to Kidzone to play today.  It is great.  She goes off and plays and I have a cup of tea and then we get dinner and back home in time for her dad coming in.  It makes this childminding lark a doddle.

I decided to go and visit Mr & Mr Deniwat's mum on the way home.  I was backing the car in to a parking space when I heard a clang.  I jumped out of my skin.  Then I moved again and heard a dong!  Then I realised that it was the clock tower chiming.  I thought they had some kind of sensor equipment to tell you if you weren't reversing straight.

Saw a strange thing when I was in Morrison's car park.  A mini quad bike driven by a young boy and an even younger one perching on the back of it on the main road came into the Morrison's Petrol Station.  They got off, put some air in the tyres and no one batted an eyelid, even though they were probably illegal in some way.  Off they went and parked round the side road and were chatting to each other.  I said it was strange because they actually stood talking to each other, there were no head phones, mobile phones or texting etc.

It reminded me of when the boys used to have a box cart made of old pram wheels and came flying down the steep hill at the side of a road and just swung round at bottom, terrifying the bejabers out of the motorists.  I suddenly thought, good on them with their quad bike, in one way they were having old fashioned fun.