6. May, 2015


Over the last month, I have been very busy.  After my little Yorkie died and was buried under the tree at the end of the garden, I made him a little memorial garden with a sitting area area, so I have been busy digging, planting, painting, jetwashing and clearing leaves, weeds, etc., as it was an "out of sight, out of mind" area before.  As you can see from the photo, there is an art to using a jet washer to clear mud etc and unfortunately, I don't think I've quite mastered it. 

I made another barbecue area behind my Blog HQ.  Hopefully, the smoke from the BBQ might see off the gnats that want to join us under the tree. 

The next project was to decorate my bedroom before my OOMPH ran out.  I finished it on Friday and was promptly ill with an upset stomach and sickness until today.  Actually, I think I might have been suffering with a severe shock to the system after my little burst of enthusiasm.