My virtual Zoom quizzes have been good fun. I am running my Easter one tonight.

The VE Day Celebration Sing Song that we were going to do at a local social club has been cancelled obviously, but as I have written song sheets etc, I think we'll try a virutal VE Day Celebration instead.


Please stay safe everyone.


I really hope you are keeping safe and well. 

My Stepfather has been diagnosed with vascular dementia, so I'm in lock down with him.   

As I can't run my quizzes in a pub, I am doing them on line with Zoom.  Participants are by invite only, so it is very secure. It has been a Godsend being able to see all the family with it and I also used it for my virtual birthday get together

I am hoping to finish my autobiography during this time and my posts from now on will be cheerful. 



My lovely son in law watches the Martin Lewis Money Programme.  When he suggested that you should try and get a better deal from Sky and Sky Broadband if you say you are going to leave them my SIL duly phoned them up and said he wanted to cancel - so they cancelled it for him!!!!



I have just returned from a trip to Berlin. We stayed in an apartment within walking distance of Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate.


There was a portion of the wall still standing to illustrate how high it actually was. On the American (West Berlin) side, there was graffiti all over it and the East Berlin side was completely bare.


I stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate on the Western side and in the road there was a line of double bricks flat in it which showed where the Berlin Wall ran along in front of the gate. We also went on a Virtual Reality bus ride (stationary) in a Time Ride building. I have never seen VR before and it was amazing, if so real that I went to put my hands on the back of the “bus seat” in front of me, and topped over on to the floor.


The pub next door to the apartment was called the “Smokers Lounge” and it was. I can’t remember the last time I came out of a pub smelling of cigarette smoke!


As this was a trip to see the Berlin Masters snooker, I only go to the final night. There were 4 people to the left of me and then the gangway. The snooker was so slow and boring this time, I decided that I was going to leave at the interval.


All of sudden I heard a noise at the end of the row and the man at the end had his head down and he was asleep. I didn’t blame him, then two men came up to him and I then thought he was perhaps he was drunk. Neil Robertson was just about to take a shot and turned round to see what was going on.

One of the men lifted him up under his arms and the other lifted his legs and they carried him down the stairs and put him in a wheelchair. I then thought it was strange that he was up high when the disabled area was on the floor.


We left at half time and there was an ambulance outside and I then realised that it had something to do with the man in my row.


He wasn’t asleep or in a drunken stupor – he had died.


This was another of my “I don’t go looking for situations, they come and look for me".


I had a lovely time on the New Year Cruise to Cologne.  I learned that what I have always thought were empty nests at the top of bare trees, are in fact bunches of mistletoe.  I knew they grew on trees, but I thought they would be lower down on the trunk.

I also learnt that if you bought a dress from a not so well shop and it was not cheap, you shouldn't be surprised if one of your fellow passengers wore the exact same dress to the Captain's Dinner on New Year's Eve.  

I hoping to spend more time on my blog this year.  Those of you who know me will know that I was tied up most of the year with a multitude of various things.   


I am also thoroughly enjoying running my quizzes.

Well,  I am back to my usual self with "I don't make these things happen, they just happen to me!"

I was just leaving the supermarket with my shopping when I saw an old lady struggling with a very full large shopping trolley. She was trying to help her elderly husband who was trying to walk along, holding on to her, very slowly.


I told the lady to take her shopping to the car and I would help her husband as he was very distressed. It took me 5 minutes to get him from the exit to the zebra crossing outside. Then we took another 10 minutes to get him near the car, parked quite near.


When I opened the door the elderly lady was sitting in the passenger seat. She told me he had had a mini stroke 3 days ago, as well as his very painful feet. I asked her who was going to drive. HE IS!! I asked her if he would be OK driving. “Yes once he finds the pedals he is fine”, she answered.


It then took me another 10 minutes to get him in to the driver’s seat and lift his legs in. The car was brand new and a very long saloon car. I suggested that they should get a taxi in future.


I have to say, he had no problem driving it, I just don't think he should have been.