I was watching Vera last Sunday and recognised one of the actors as Gary who starred in an episode of Only Fools and Horses, as did many other viewers.


I have put myself into isolation until next weekend.  Can't risk catching Covid at this late stage and missing the Strictly Tour!


It is sad to hear that Meatloaf has died.

I remember an interview with him when he was asked about his two daughters' potential boyfriends. "I used to tell her to get them to call for her, then I'd tell them to come in", he said, "then I'd tell them that she must be home by a certain time. They always brought her home on the dot, or even sooner"! I wonder why!

This is my favourite song of his  which I think many of us can personally relate to, I know I can. Two of whom may read this, one doesn't.  Hey Ho, two out of three aint bad! Followed by Hot Summer Night (You Took The Words Out Of My Mouth).  

RIP Meatloaf





27 November 2021


Went to see this film, today.  I really loved it.  A bit far fetched, but we can all do with a bit of escapisim.  It also helps to have a good knowledge of world history from the beginning of the 20th Century. 


Nicola Sturgeon would have approved of the plot!


Well, I've got a front row seat at the edge of  the dance floor, for the Strictly Tour.  Have ticket will travel!!